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Sun Basic Chemicals Limited (SBCL) started its humble journey in 2014. A concern of PRAN-RFL Group, SBCL is a proud manufacturer of personal care and home care products. Equipped with world-class machinery, SBCL serves the local and the global market with toiletries and cosmetics products - ranging from Beauty Soap to Nail Polish to...

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A Beautiful World

Beauty is what makes the world more enjoyable every day. We are an avid admirer of beauty. With our wide range of beauty products, we are dedicated to making the world more beautiful every day.


A Cleaner World

Cleanliness is a virtue which has to be cultivated, as per the popular saying goes. We make cleanliness more convenient for you with our superior quality home care products. We pledge to make the world cleaner every day.


A Healthier World

We're committed to ensuring a healthier world. Products made with global quality ingredients, will always be a partner of your wellbeing, to protect you from germs, bacteria, dirt & other harmful substances.