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Sun Basic Chemicals Limited (SBCL) started its humble journey in 2014. A concern of PRAN-RFL Group, SBCL is a proud manufacturer of personal care and home care products. Equipped with world-class machinery, SBCL serves the local and the global market with toiletries and cosmetics products - ranging from Beauty Soap to Nail Polish to Hand Wash to Detergent and more.

With 7 brands and 27 products in different categories, SBCL has become a trusted name in Bangladeshi households. SBCL's beauty care brand Livana is widely popular among the mass. Produced with the global standard ingredients, SBCL's Swift brand is one of the leading toilet care brands of the country. Its laundry care brand Ray comes with both powder and liquid detergent, made with optical brightener, color guard, dark lock technology, and nano-fiber technology.

SBCL understands and cares for the convenience of its customers. SBCL is continuously integrating innovation in all its products to ease the daily lives of the general people. To maintain the highest standard in its products, SBCL imports raw materials and fragrance from globally acknowledged sources.

SBCL has its manufacturing plant in Habiganj, Sylhet. In an area of 117,000 square feet, the manufacturing plant is equipped with world-class innovative machines. 275 employees work passionately in the manufacturing plant to ensure global standard products of SBCL. The employees of SBCL enjoy modern work environment, health insurance policy and other essential benefits.

 SBCL vouches to make its consumers’ lives more convenient every day. Through its parent company PRAN-RFL’s strong distribution network, SBCL products reach the remotest part of the country. SBCL’s products’ presence in every next-to-door departmental store, demonstrates how energetically SBCL cares for its consumers.

SBCL has an efficient quality control lab which ensures every product meets the required standard. All the products of SBCL are BSTI certified.

SBCL is not only a local player in the toiletries and cosmetics industry, but also a globally adored brand now. Globally, consumers are availing SBCL brands like Ray, Swift, Glitter, LIVANA Beauty Bar, and Joom. Right now, SBCL is exporting to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Fiji, and South Africa. With the years to come, SBCL plans to expand its export feat to the Middle East, Oceania, Europe, the Americas, and other African countries.

 SBCL cares for the environment and the society as well. The water used in SBCL manufacturing plant is recycled through the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). SBCL also carries out regular CSR activities.