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Glitter Antibacterial Dish Washing Liquid

Clean utensils play a very important role of a healthy lifestyle. Glitter Dish Wash Bar & Liquid’s Twin Lemon power not only cleans oil & grease from your utensils but also removes the invisible germs from the cleaning bars & your dishes in which you’re going to eat.

So, in order to get germ free clean & shiny dishes there’s no match to our super effective Glitter Dish Wash Bar & Liquid products.

Product Features

Available in:

  • Glitter Dish Wash Liquid- 500 ml.
  • Glitter Dish Wash Liquid (Pouch)- 250 ml.

Glitter Dish Wash Bar

For a healthy life, a clean kitchen is essential. Utensils are the prime component of a kitchen. Hence, utensils must be properly cleaned. Glitter Dish Wash Bar has twin lemon power in it, which cleans oil and grease in just one wash. The lemon extracts also help to remove the germs that may stay in the utensils.

Product Features
  • Melts slowly which makes it last longer
  • Makes utensils shiny in one wash
  • Available in 125gm, 200gm, 325gm

Glitter Dish Wash Powder

Dish Wash Powder is a convenient method of cleaning kitchenware. It takes less effort in cleaning and more utensils can be cleaned with very little powder. Glitter Dish Wash Powder comes with lemon extract in it, which cleans the utensils faster and leaves a lemon fragrance.

Product Features
  • Twin Lemon Power
  • Available in 200 gm and 500 gm


Glitter Glass & Surface Cleaner

Sometimes all it takes to bring out the beauty of your home is quick cleaning or wiping. And there’s no easier way to do it than with Glitter Glass & Surface Cleaner. Formulated with powerful Ammonia-D that delivers professional cleaning results giving your glass made home materials and surface a streak free shine!

Product Features
  • Available in: 500 ml.