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Ray White & Bright

Detergent is undoubtedly an essential part of our life because that is what keeps our clothes clean and make us feel more confident in our clothes. Ray Detergent Powder, produced with high quality ingredients, is tough on stains but gentle on your clothes. Ray Detergent Powder has “Socolan” which helps protect the fabric’s color. It also has color guard and optical brightener which makes your clothes look even shinier and more fresh.

Product Features
  • Dirt lock feature to make cleaning more effective
  • Removes stains efficiently
  • Safe for both colored and white clothes
  • Protect fabric colors
  • Available in: 22 gm, 200 gm, 500 gm and 1000 gm

Ray Ultimate Liquid Detergent

Ray, as a brand, vouches for utmost comfort for its consumers. Thus, to ease the cleaning of clothes, Ray has introduced liquid detergent. Ray Liquid Detergent is highly efficient in removing tough stains, protecting the softness of your clothes, and making your clothes smell fresh. Made with global standard ingredients, Ray Liquid Detergent has made with six compact formulas: Optical brightener, Dirt lock, Stain Remover, Nano-fiber lock technology, Antibacterial and color guard formula which cleans your clothes faster and does no hard to our lovable cloths.

Product Features
  • Suitable for both bucket and machine wash
  • Antibacterial agents eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Comes in attractive and convenient bottle packaging
  • Washes as much as 2 kg powder does