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Surjo White Detergent Powder

Sujro White Detergent Powder is another innovative laundry care product from the SBCL family. As the name suggests, this detergent powder has Extra Whitening Formula which makes clothes superbly bright. Enriched with Tinopol and other global quality ingredients, Surjo White Detergent Powder cleanses the toughest of stains in the first wash.

Product Features
  • Removes tough stains fast and efficiently
  • Safe for both colored and white clothes
  • Available in: 100 gm, 200 gm, 500 gm and 1000 gm

Surjo Laundry Soap

If laundry bar is your favourite cleaning partner in the laundry room, this is for you. Sujro cares for your convenience, hence, this Laundry Soap is enriched with Glycerin which saves your hand from the harshness of soap. However, Surjo Laundry Soap cleans your dirty clothes in just first wash. The soap is made with ingredients that make it last longer. Surjo Laundry Soap also protects the longevity of your clothes.

Product Features
  • Safe for your hand because of glycerin
  • Melts less, hence lasts longer
  • Available in 130gm

Surjo Liquid Blue

Keep your white clothes even whiter with Surjo Liquid Blue. Liquid Blue has been used for keeping clothes bright and white for centuries. With time, Liquid Blue has been enhanced with modern manufacturing technology and ingredients. 

Use Surjo Liquid Blue on your clothes after washing, it will never fail to amaze you. Easy to use and safe for fabric, this product comes in a very handy bottle.

Product Features
  • Gentle on delicate fabrics
  • Brightens up clothes efficiently
  • Makes white clothes even whiter