Management System


Every manufacturing business produces waste that harms our environment. SBCL is a manufacturer of personal care and home care products; therefore SBCL is also leaving effluent into the environment. Effluent is liquid waste that is sent out from factories or places where sewage is dealt with, usually flowing into rivers, lakes, or the sea. To mitigate the impact of harmful chemicals on the environment, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a globally accepted technology. Like many other global manufacturers, SBCL also has an efficient ETP at its Habiganj plant. 

Wastewater enters the ETP plant and goes through several processes before effluent goes into the environment. The process includes several stages such as Preliminary treatment, Primary treatment, Biological treatment, and Advanced treatment. In the Preliminary stage large-sized contaminants are separated; for example cloth, paper, plastics, etc. The Primary stage removes floating and settleable materials such as suspended solids and organic matter. Biological stage further removes the suspended solids and residual organics using Activated sludge, Aerated lagoons, Trickling filters, and more. Finally, the Advanced stage raises the effluent quality to the desired level before it is reused, recycled or discharged to the environment.

 Through the aforementioned processes, SBCL makes sure the least harmful wastewater is released into the environment. SBCL’s ETP plant is operated by an efficient team that excels in Environmental, Health and Safety. They regularly monitor the plant and keep adding newer features to achieve operational excellence. 

By maintaining an efficient ETP process, SBCL thrives to preserve the natural environment against pollution, reduce the usage of fresh water in industries, and reduce expenditure on water acquisition.