Innovation & Manufacturing


Innovation and Manufacturing

As a company, SBCL is driven by innovation. The company follows innovation in all its process including sourcing, manufacturing and operational activities.

In today’s world, innovation is the only way to stay relevant. It takes very little time for a brand to die if it doesn’t practice innovation. Many great brands have faded out with time just because they didn’t adapt to changes. Therefore, being a consumer-centric company, SBCL constantly keeps itself up to date with modern technologies. Be it in manufacturing, distribution or marketing. 

SBCL has its manufacturing plant situated in Habiganj, Sylhet. The manufacturing plant is equipped with world-class machineries. SBCL has partnered with some of the most renowned global brands in terms of using machinery. Most of the machineries of SBCL are imported from Germany, Malaysia, and China. 

While these machineries help SBCL achieve production excellence, the company focuses strongly on operational excellence by following methods such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. SBCL also has a strong ERP system, along with profound warehouse management. The company has implemented the latest system software for its supply chain management. This helps SBCL to achieve full resource productivity. SBCL incorporates energy and materials parameters into product-design approaches, thus it is able to reduce the use of materials that are nonrenewable and hazardous.

One highly important aspect of SBCL is efficient product designing. This allows the company to increase opportunities for recycling and reusing components and materials at the end of a product’s life cycle. SBCL believes in a continuous improvement culture. Therefore, SBCL works on instilling an innovative mindset among its employees. Moreover, SBCL closely collaborates with its global partners so that the best innovation practices can be followed in SBCL.

With every new product in the pipeline, SBCL thrives to add value in it by incorporating new features. For the convenience of consumers, SBCL is continuously adding products to its portfolio.

SBCL, as a brand, follows a Connect & Develop (C&D) innovation process. It connects with customers, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders to come up with newer innovation.  SBCL also practices innovation in all its marketing and promotional activities. From digital advertising to a strong social media presence, SBCL has been successful in every marketing area.