International Business

  • India,
  • Bhutan,
  • Nepal
  • south africa
  • Fiji

International Business

SBCL is not only a local player in the toiletries and cosmetics industry, but also globally adored brand now. To take the country’s economy forward, SBCL has always focused on venturing into international business from the very beginning. SBCL believes, this not only brings money into the country, but also improves the brand image of the country.

Also, for a brand to grow bigger, international business is very crucial. As SBCL is a brand that produces international quality personal care and home care products, international business is highly potential for the brand. Consumers around the world now avail products which are best in quality, no matter where they are from. 

Globally, consumers are availing SBCL brands like RAY, SWIFT, GLITTER, LIVANA, ACTIVO and JOOM. SBCL takes pride in serving consumers across different countries with products made in Bangladesh. This has been possible because of the strong commitment of the company and farsightedness of SBCL’s leadership team.

SBCL’s leadership team always believes in Consumer First theory. This enabled the company to reach households in several countries. Right now, SBCL is exporting to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Fiji, and South Africa. With the years to come, SBCL plans to expand its export feat to the Middle East, Oceania, Europe, the Americas, and other African countries.