Quality Control


Quality Control 

SBCL vouches for quality. Every product that SBCL produces, goes through intensive inspection. SBCL  understands that Quality Control is one of the most crucial things in manufacturing as it determines whether customers are getting the right value or not. It is a process that ensures customers receive products free from defects and meet their needs. Without Quality Control, a brand loses credibility and might face consequences from regulatory bodies.

Therefore, SBCL has a strong Quality Control team. The team’s efficient members check each and every product before it leaves SBCL’s manufacturing plant. There is a Quality Control Lab which inspects all the ingredients that are used in making the products. As SBCL is a manufacturer of personal care and home care products, a lot of chemicals are used in manufacturing. Thus, it is very crucial for SBCL to make sure every chemical matter has adequate components with validity. The QC Lab also makes sure the finished goods meet the desired standard. SBCL strictly monitors its distribution channels so that no expired products remain in the market for consumption. 

Moreover, SBCL imports its ingredients only from certified suppliers, which reciprocates SBCL’s devotion in quality control. The machineries are also inspected regularly by local and foreign experts, so that no inconvenience occurs in maintaining quality.

All of SBCL products meet the quality parameters of Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI). SBCL has also achieved National Productivity Quality Excellence Award 2018 and also applied for ISO 9001 certification for its effort in quality assurance.